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Code: Name: KO 500

Product Detail

Multi-Grade Engine Oil


SAE: 15W40

KO-500 engine oil is blended from highly refined base oils and selected additives to provide excellent detergency, dispersancy and anti-wear properties. The High Base Number provides superior level of reserve alkalinity to protect vital engine parts against corrosion and premature engine wear. They offer longer drain capabilities under severe service conditions.

Applications: KO-500 meets the requirements of most high-speed diesel and gasoline engines of mixed fleets. It is recommended for commercial road transport, high RPM generator sets and sea transport.

Benefits: 1. Reduces piston deposits.

                  2. Provides protection against cylinder bore polishing.

                  3. Reduces oil consumption and filter plugging.

   4. Offer very low oxidation and consequent thickening due to high TBN levels present which neutralize corrosive acids resulting from oxidation.

Available Packing: 205 Litres

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