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Code: Name: KO 350

Product Detail

Multi-Grade Engine Oil


SAE: 20W50


KO-350 is high quality multi-grade engine oil designed to use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines. It is formulated with high quality mineral base oils with detergent, dispersant, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming additives to give the benefits of neutralizing acidic byproducts of combustion, keeps piston rings deposit free and perfect against wear of high loaded valve drain components.

Applications: KO-350 can be used under normal conditions for mixed fleet of diesel and gasoline engines and is suitable under severe service conditions in trucks and buses. Extending life between overhaul in high speed/load, pick up delivery operation.

Benefits: 1. High oxidation and thermal stability.

   2. Advanced detergent additive technology provides controlled cylinder and piston ring       deposits keeping engine clean.

   3. Longer drain interval prolong engine life

Available Packing: 205 Litres.

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