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Code: Name: KO 100

Product Detail

Automotive Drum

KO 100

Mono Grade Engine Oil


SAE: 40/50

KO-100 heavy duty diesel Engine Oil is formulated from high quality base oils and a package of additives. The oil exceeds the requirements of API Service Classification SC/CC and MIL-L-2104B.

Applications: KO-100 has been developed for use in automotive diesel and petrol engines operating under moderate to severe conditions.

Benefits: 1. Alkaline detergent-disperants and anti-oxidation components reduce the accumulation of varnish in piston ring areas, decrease build up of insoluble matters and keep the oil passage clean for desired lubrication.

                 2. Anti-wear components help to reduce the engine wear and, corrosion inhibitors avoid rust formation for neutralizing acid combustion products.

Available Packing: 205 Litres.



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