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Code: Name: KO AW-46+

Product Detail

Hydraulic Oil

KO AW-46 is high quality anti-wear hydraulic fluid specially developed in order to satisfy the wide operating temperature and viscosity requirements encountered in modern hydraulic systems. Conform to the requirements of the world’s leading hydraulic equipment and manufacturers.

Applications: Ideal hydraulic fluid for mobile as well as stationary hydraulic systems using piston-cylinder type compression devices. Also suitable for vane-and-gear type pumps, particularly those that allow the use of AW type oils.

Benefits: 1. Anti-wear hydraulic oil with high Viscosity Index due to highly refined paraffin base oils.

2. Excellent shear stability; very high resistance to oxidation, enabling the oil to last longer in service.

3. Commendable anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties ensure longevity of the equipment.

4. Good demulsification properties with high resistance to foaming.

5. Compatible with all rubber seals.

Available Packing: 205 Litres.

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