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Code: Name: KO ICE Tech 68

Product Detail


ICE Tech 68 is developed from premium quality narrow cut naphthenic base stocks, de-waxed to very low wax content with very low pour and floc points.

These oils can contribute towards prolonged compressor and seal life through the high thermal stability which controls the formation of carbon and gummy deposits at elevated temperatures that are encountered in the high pressure side of refrigeration cycle.

Applications: KO ICE Tech 68 is manufactured for industrial refrigeration equipment using Freon (CFCs), ammonia or carbon dioxide as refrigerants. 

Benefits: 1. Being developed with naphthenic base stocks and blended with selected additives, it provides oxidation and rust protection.

                2. It has high thermal stability.

                3. It provides good miscibility with refrigerants for better lubrication and prevent waxy and gummy deposits.

Available Packing: 208 Litres.



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