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Code: Name: KO Motor Oil

Product Detail

Multi-Grade Engine Oil


SAE: 20W50

KO Motor Oil is high quality crankcase oil with excellent wear, deposition and corrosion control capabilities under a wide range of climatic and seasonal conditions.

Blended from high viscosity index base oils and choice additives, KO Motor Oil offers guaranteed protection to the engine.

Applications: Ideal for passenger car and light trucks four-stroke cycle gasoline engines requiring API SG service. The blend is perfect for all naturally aspirated gosline, LPG and CNG powered engines.

Benefits: 1. Besides offering built in resistance to high temperature and oxidation generated degradation and thickening, it reduces combustion residues and keeps engine clean.

2. Superior viscosity retention and anti-rust and corrosion preventive agents provide ideal protection to the engine.

Available Packing: 1 litre, 3 litres and 4 litres.

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