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Code: Name: KO T2

Product Detail

2 Stroke Motor Oil


KO T-2 motor oil is formulated from parrafinic base stocks and low ash dilutante spirit to enable its quick mixing with the fuel. It is formulated in conformity with the specifications prescribed by the ministry of petroleum and natural resources(MPNR) for two-stroke engine oils. It also meets the requirements of API TC classification for two stroke engine oils.

Applications: Ideal for two stroke motor cycles and light delivery vans. It can also be  added to fuel by direct injection for vehicles equipped with a seperate lubricant storage tank and pumping system.

Benefits: 1. Besides two-stroke motor cycles and light duty delivery van, this oil provides good service in outboard engines.

                 2. It also provides good service in industrial and agricultural engines based on two stroke cycle.

Available Packing: 1 Litre.

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