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Code: Name: KO Xtreme

Product Detail

Gear Oil

API: EP-140


KO Xtreme is designed for use in hypoid, bevel and spiral gear units, axles and final drives operating under severe conditions and over a wide spectrum of operating temperatures.

Through their multi-grade viscosity characteristics, they meet the requirements of several automotive manufacturers of cars, vans and commercial trucks or buses.

Applications: Ideal for manual transmission systems and transaxles in automotive gears particularly hypoid gears in passenger cars and other automotive type equipment’s operated under high speed/low torque or low speed/high torque conditions.

It is also recommended for many tractor and agricultural equipment gear sets, oil lubricated track rollers of Crawler Tractors, and many industrial applications.

Benefits: 1. Protection in heavy duty operations.

2. Additional additive treatments enhances oxidation stability and protects against rust,   corrosion and foam.

Available Packing: 1 litre and 4 litres. 


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