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Code: Name: KO ECO Ride

Product Detail

High Performance Motor Oil


SAE: 20W50

KO Eco Ride is a high performance motor oil conforming to API service classification of SF for automotive petrol engines under severe operating conditions. It is formulated from highly refined base stocks and a specially selected package of additives to meet the exact requirements of modern automotive engines designed for higher speed and advanced performance.

Application: It is recommended for all four-stroke petrol engines in modern cars, trucks and motorcycles operating under any type of service, and diesel engine in light duty vehicles. This oil may also be used where API SE, SD, SC performance oils are recommended in petrol engines.

Benefits: 1. Prevents sludge formation and protects against wear of engine components by diffusing oxidation and acidic combustion reactions.

                2. The additives in the oil enchance thermal stability and mantain excellent detergent dispersant characteristics at low ambient and high cruising temperatures.

                3. Helps in maintaining the oil viscosity over a long period and provides extended filter life

Available Packing: 1 Litre.


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